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Thomson Science Department Offers Grades 9 and 10 Pre-AP Science, Grades 11 Pre-AP Biology and Chemistry, plus AP Biology

 The following courses are offered by the Science Department:

  • Grade 9 Pre-AP Science (SNC1D3)
  • Grade 10 Pre-AP Science (SNC2D3)
  • Grade 11 Pre-AP Biology (SBI3U3)
  • Grade 11 Pre-AP Chemistry (SCH3U3)
  • Grade 12 AP Biology (SBI4U0)

  Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) Programs provide students in Grades 9 to 11 with rich learning opportunities to develop higher-order, critical-thinking skills essential for achieving success in Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  

  Scientific skills focused on developing and transfering between grade levels include in the following:

  • Scientific literacy (e.g. key command terms, communication)
  • Scientific numeracy (e.g. dimensional analysis, graphical analysis)
  • Scientific inquiry (e.g. devising claims, identifying evidence supporting claims, evidence-based reasoning)
  • Making cross-unit and cross-curricular connections in learning

  To master and demonstrate success in these scientific skills, students enrolled in Pre-AP and AP Science courses are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Enjoy science
  • Pursue excellence in science with vigour (e.g. completion of tasks, pursuit of extracurriculars in Science)
  At Thomson, the curriculum of the AP Biology course (SBI4U0) is completed concurrently with the Grade 12 Biology, University-Preparation course (SBI4U1).  At least 25% of both Grade 12 AP Biology (SBI4U0) and University-Preparation courses (SBI4U1) comprise of inquiry lab-based opportunities.  In other words, students complete more than all 12 AP Biology Investigation Labs, identified by The College Board to ensure success on the AP Biology exam.  Below are examples:

IMG 0003-001 - Copy SBI4U nutrient lab 2013-015 DSC00526 IMG 1493 AP Lab 5 Cell respir
AP Biology Lab 1: Diffusion and Osmosis AP Biology Lab 2: Enzyme Catalysis AP Biology Lab 4: Plant Pigments & Photosynthesis  AP Biology Lab 5: Cell Respiration
DSC00800-001 - Copy DSC02447-001 DSC00925-001 - Copy - Copy
AP Biology Lab 6: Molecular Biology AP Biology Lab 7: Genetics of Organisms  AP Biology Lab 11: Animal Behaviour 

  Although students in the AP Biology course (SBI4U0) are prepared to write the AP Biology exam, any student (i.e. including those who did not enroll in SBI4U0) is eligible to write the AP Biology exam.  It is written traditionally in early-to-mid May.  Students who write the AP Biology exam must still write the final exam for the SBI4U0 or SBI4U1 course, scheduled in mid-to-late June.

  Results of the AP Biology exam (i.e. AP Score of 1, 2, 3 [82%], 4 [92%] or 5 [96%]) are revealed discretely to participants in early July.  Students can choose to forward or not to forward their AP exam result to the university of acceptance. 

  A score of 4 (92%) or 5 (96%) on the exam is recognized by most universities in Ontario, Canada, United States, and abroad; as equivalent to a year-one course in biology.  In other words, students with a score of 4 or 5 can enter university already with a credit in year-one biology.  

  Please check the registrar at the university to confirm whether it recognizes the AP score of 4 or 5 as equivalent to a year-one credit.  Futhermore, it is the student's responsibility (i.e. not the teacher's or the high school's) to forward the AP score to the Registrar's Office of the university.

How Can I Enroll in Pre-AP Sciences and/or AP Biology at Thomson?

  Students interested in enrolling in Pre-AP Sciences (including Biology and/or Chemistry) or AP Biology must complete an application to be available in mid-January.  Criteria on the application includes the following:

  • Recommended grade of 80% or higher in Academic-level Science or University-Preparation Biology (SBI3U1) in the previous year. (For Grade 8 students, 80% or higher in science with marks in English and Mathematics strongly considered.)  
  • Recommendation of teacher(s) from previous years.

  Thomson students must submit their completed application to Student Services Office after registration on MyBlueprint in early February.  Non-Thomson students intending to enroll at Thomson must download the application form (available at ThomsonCollegiate.com > About Thomson > Advanced Placement) and fax it, addressed to Students Services, to 416-396-5524. Grade 8 students must submit their completed application to their teacher by mid-February for upcoming school year, beginning in Fall.

  Please contact 416-396-5525 x20251 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you have any questions about Pre-AP and AP courses in Science at David & Mary Thomson C. I.



Thomson Grade 10 Pre-AP Science Students Engaged at Third Annual Let's Talk Cancer Symposium by Lets' Talk Science 
p4186533-001 - Copy IMG 20170418_124649177-001 letstalkcancer-001
  On April 18, 2017, Grade 10 Pre-AP Science students participated in the Third Annual Let's Talk Cancer Symposium by the Research Information Outreach Team of Let's Talk Science at the Hart House of the University of Toronto.  The student were engaged in hands-on activities and speeches from scientists focused on research in clonality, tumour microenvironment, oncogenomics, and drug development. C9tyoYuVoAAY6t5-001



Thomson's Grade 10 Pre-AP Science Students Selected for STEM In-School Leadership Workshop by University of Toronto's Engineering Outreach
 On February 29, 2016, Grade 10 Pre-AP Science students at Thomson were selected as participants in a Pilot STEM In-School Leadership Workshop by the Outreach group of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied & Science Engineering.  Students discussed the term "engineering" and role of engineers in the workplace.  Students performed the Engineering Design Process to complete a challenge of building a functional rollercoaster. stem-engineering-design-process-001 - Copy
UofT Engineering Outreach



Thomson's Grade 9 Pre-AP Science Students Design and Build Mars Rover in Transportation Challenge

  On May 25, 2015, students simulated a mission of transporting a solar-powered communicator efficiently across challenging Martian terrain to a site with more sunlight.  In solving this mission, students practiced the scientific method - identifying the problem, hypothesizing, designing, building, observing, analyzing, and rehypothesizing - in the construction of robotic vehicles.  



Thomson's Pre-AP Science and AP Biology Students Inspired by Talk of Dr. Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator and Retired Astronaut

  On October 1, 2014, Pre-AP Grades 9 and 10Pre-AP Biology, and AP Biology students attended a motivational talk by Dr. Charles BoldenNASA Administrator and retired astronaut at the Ontario Science Centre.  In his presentation of an open Question & Answer format, Dr. Bolden, informed our students of current NASA initiatives in Heliophysics, Earth and Space Science, Planetary Science, and Astrophysics.  He also discussed NASA's goals of finding answers to the questions, "How did human beings get here?" and "Are we alone in the universe?"

  Dr. Bolden also encouraged our young leaders of the future by speaking of the value of continued perserverance for overcoming many challenges in life, including his own, in the pursuit of achieving our goals and dreams. Dr. Bolden, in the words of Nkosi Johnson, an inspiring, underprivileged youth, encouraged Thomson students to "do all you can, with what you have, in the time that you have in the place you are".

NASA CharlesBolden OSC 2014.10.01db - Copy NASA CharlesBolden OSC 2014.10.01 0.23



Thomson Science Teacher Completes Training for Teaching Pre-AP Science and AP Biology

 IMG 8632 ls

  In July 2014, Mr. Kim, Curriculum Leader of Science at Thomson, completed his training for teaching Pre-AP Science and AP Biology at both the AP Summer Institute in Toronto and the AP Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  Mr. Kim earned Continuing Education Units in Summarizing Information, Strategies for Success in AP Sciences, Developing Inquiry Lab Skills in Pre-AP Sciences; plus AP Biology for New and Experienced Teachers, AP Biology - Transitioning to Inquiry-Based Labs, and Open Inquiry in AP Biology.

  Mr. Kim is eager to share what he learned with his colleagues in the Science Department to help Science students at Thomson to become more interested and successful in inquiry-based learning.

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