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Program Overview

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the sector involved in the processing of information, which includes capturing, transmitting and displaying information using electronic media. As a part of this program, students will receive industry-recognized training and certification, a special red seal on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and a customized education plan designed to help high school students stand out and compete for positions in their chosen career path.

You can download a full PDF copy of the
ICT SHSM Passport
containing this information here.

Students will have the opportunity to explore all streams of ICT – TV, Video and Movie ProductionDigital Media and PublishingSoftware Systems and Gaming; and Robotics and Computer Engineering – in all 4 pathways. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in competitions, industry safety programs and conferences.

Program Guide

This program guide is divided into 4 sections:

  • What is the ICT Sector?
    Exploring the ICT sector, potential career opportunities and employment outlook.

  • Course Planning
    A guide for SHSM students to help plan course choices for the program.

  • Certifications and Training
    A guide to the required industry-recognized certifications and training that are a part of the ICT SHSM program.

  • Tracking Your Progress
    A series of checklists and planning sheets designed to help you keep track of your progress through the program. 


 UOIT Game_Dev_2012

Thomson students try out games developed by senior students in the UOIT Game Development Program while on a field trip in 2012.

Program Requirements

The SHSM program consists of 3 basic components:

  • A course package that consists of certain approved subjects, including two (2) approved ICT courses at the grade 11 level, two (2) approved ICT courses at the grade 12 level, one (1) approved senior credit in Business, Art or Science, one (1) credit in senior Math, one (1) credit in English at the grade 12 level, and a minimum of two (2) credits in Co-operative Education. 
  • Completion of a minimum of six (6) industry-related certification programs, including mandatory certifications in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), First Aid, and CPR, and a number of elective certifications offered by the school.
  • Participation in Reach Ahead and Experiential Learning opportunities, including industry conferences, guest speakers, and field trips that help students to develop connections to, and understanding of, the careers and opportunities available in the ICT sector. 

In addition to these components, students enrolled in the SHSM program will also complete Contextualized Learning Activities (CLAs) that bring an industry focus to related academic subjects. These courses are delivered by teachers in the non-major required subjects, and are based on curriculum expectations of the course. One or more CLAs, totaling a minimum of six hours in length, will be incorporated into each required course.


Red Seal Designation

Successful completion of the program requirements will earn students a special Red Seal on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, recognizing their added experience and focus in their SHSM field.

Record Card

Students will also receive a record card upon graduation, outlining their achievements in the program. This record card is also kept with the student's information in their Ontario Student Record (OSR).

Sample Red_Seal

Ministry Requirements

Students will complete the ICT SHSM program requirements as part of the thirty (30) courses that are required for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Most SHSM major courses count as part of the Group and Elective requirements of the OSSD and Co-operative Education credits count towards any of the Group requirements. ICT SHSM students can complete their OSSD and their SHSM requirements within the four (4) years they are in Secondary School.

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Reminders for SHSM Graduates

A reminder to SHSM students who are in a position to graduate at the end of this year to check with Ms. Takas (H&W) or Mr. Wires (ICT) to ensure that all of your certifications, volunteer hours, and reach ahead experiences have been properly documented and recorded so that you can graduate with your SHSM seal.

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