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DMT Chess Club

Staff Co-ordinator:  Mr. Kim



Chess Club meets in Room 155 during lunch.

Hello.  Thank you for visiting the homepage of the DMT Chess Club.  Our goal is to promote the game of chess by providing you with the opportunity to learn the game and improve your play.  Students who don't know how to play chess but are interested in learning how to play are particularly invited to join us.  We have many chess sets and chess clocks for everybody.

We welcome everybody at all levels of play.  We wish to appeal to many junior students and students newly-arrived at Thomson.  Our junior players represent    our future.


Why Is Chess A Really Cool Game?

For the next time that you are thinking about spending lots of money on a video game that will come and go, think about investing in a chess set that you can   keep to play for life.  Unlike today's expensive video games, chess has been       the game that has lasted throughout human history and will continue to be   popular by people from all walks of life -- different ages, cultures, genders, religions, and societies -- can learn and improve their play with each other.

Even wizards, a vampire, a former human-turned vampire, and X-Men play chess    -- it's the game that's so popular, it transcends even reality.


How Can Playing Chess Help Me in High School and Life?

It was told that an Indian ruler, about 1,500 years ago, asked his wisemen to invent a game that can prepare the minds of his children to think quickly.  The Indian ruler's goal was to prepare the children to become good generals on the battlefield.  That game became chess. Chess has been proven to prepare minds for success so well, that chess continues to be promoted by the best thinkers in history, including Benjamin Franklin.

The benefits of chess include developing the following life skills:

  • higher-order thinking: Students practice thinking not only for the next  move, but plan many moves ahead to get the advantage.
  • logical thinking: Students practice thinking about the potential benefits and negative consequences for future moves.
  • macro and micro understanding: Students practice examining small problems in relation to the larger problem.
  • self-confidence: Students who continue to play chess slowly master this complex game.  Students can feel con
  • fident to face challenges in life.
  • concentration:  Student practice focusing on a problem and carefully thinking about the best possible solution.
  • patience: Students practice learning to wait for the opponent to make a mistake before attacking.
  • imagination and creativity: Students learn that there are more than one possible answer to any given problem.
  • calculating ability: Chess players use their minds, not a calculator or a computer, to thinking before making a decision.
  • memory: There are a sequence of moves to remember and apply in future situations.
  • self-motivation: There will ALWAYS be a better move, a better game-plan from all of the possibilities to seek out.
  • sociability: Students practice meeting new people from all walks of life.  People around the world can play the game with the same universal rules and "older people aren't necessarily better."

Students who play chess score higher in English, maths, sciences, and other school subjects, giving them brain power and skills that will make them excel in different aspects of life.



Events and Tournament Play

Every semester, club members (i.e. regular players) will be invited to participate     in a chess tournament.  Club members will also earn invitations to regional tournaments, usually held on Saturdays and open to high school students in Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area.

Please come back for updates on schedules.



Chess Openings and Strategies In Starting A Game

There can thousands of different combinations of moves in a chess game, but the first few moves can be common.  The "best of the best" first few moves are explained below.  If you memorize only a few of these Opening moves, your quality of play will increase exponentially, guaranteed!


For White

For Black


Famous Chess Games Analyzed


"It's not over until it's over" - Yogi Berra.

Even if you're ahead by many pieces, it pays always to stay focused until the end. In the following game, both sides made mistakes (try to find out when) but check out this come-from-behind win by Mr. Kim:

  • Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
  • White: yellow_yennie
  • Black: antor61
  • Date: Sat Nov 15 07:12:39 GMT 2008
1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. g1-f3 d7-d6
3. f1-c4 h7-h6
4. d2-d3 b8-c6
5. c1-e3 c8-g4
6. h2-h3 g4-h5
7. o-o g8-f6
8. b1-c3 f8-e7
9. c3-e2 h5xf3
10. g2xf3 o-o
11. f3-f4 f6-d7
12. f4-f5 e7-g5
13. e2-g3 g5xe3
14. f2xe3 d8-g5
15. d1-f3 c6-a5
16. c4-b3 a5xb3
17. a2xb3 b7-b6
18. g1-h2 a7-a5
19. f1-g1 d7-f6
20. g1-g2 f6-h7
21. g3-h5 g5-e7
22. f5-f6 e7-e6
23. g2xg7+ g8-h8
24. a1-g1 h7-g5
25. f3-f1 g5-h7
26. g1-g3 d6-d5
27. e4xd5 e6xd5
28. f1-f5 h7-g5
29. g3xg5 



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