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What You Need to Get The Job You Want.

One of the best ways to help you get the job you’ve always wanted is through a great resume.  A resume is your selling statement that does half the work of trying to obtain a job.  It is a representation of who you are, so it is important to make sure that it is the best that it possibly can be.  A good resume is neat, perfect with no spelling mistakes and is brief, which means you should only include the most important points and keep your resume only one page long.    The following is a checklist that you should use once your resume is finished, to make sure it is complete:

*  all dates are correct
*  all work and education entries are listed starting with the most recent and moving backwards in time
*  all names are spelled correctly
*  you have carefully checked spelling
*  there are no typographical errors
*  your resume does NOT focus solely on paid work experience - it provides information about experience and skills that
you have developed in all areas of your life including leisure time and school activities
*  you have described your experiences, abilities and achievements in active terms
*  all descriptions are simple and to the point
*  you have not overused the words “I”, “ME” or “MY”
*  the top and bottom margins of a one page resume are approximately the same size
*  in resumes greater than one page in length, the page break does not occur in an awkward location

A very important part of your resume is the words that you use to describe yourself, your skills and your experiences.  The following lists some words that you could use on your resume to make it stand out from other resumes.

Communication Skills
~ editing
~ explaining
~ explained
~ interviewing
~ negotiating
~ listened
~ questioning
~ demonstrated
~ trained

Creative Skills
~ creating/inventing
~ improvising
~ experimenting
~ visualising
~ entertaining
~ designing

Detail Skills
~ alertness
~ attention to detail
~ being precise
~ caution
~ following procedures
~ verifying

Leadership Skills
~ confronting
~ delegating
~ directing
~ planning
~ organising
~ initiating

Personal Skills
~ dependability
~ enthusiasm
~ flexibility
~ persistence
~ understanding
~ loyalty

Physical Skills
~ acting quickly
~ motor coordination
~ strength
~ stamina

Reasoning Skills
~ analysing
~ investing
~ remembering

Sensory Skills
~ sound/colour/shape/depth discrimination

Working With Difficult Situations Skills
~ deal with emergencies
~ responding to feedback
~ risk taking
~ self control
~ tolerating discomfort
~ working under pressure

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