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Please note that since last year there have been several changes to the course selection sheet.  Be sure to check the changes to Arts, Canadian and World Studies, Dual Credit, English, Health and Physical Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Sciences, Specialist High Skills Majors and e-learning.

Completing your option sheet for next year's courses is a very important job.  Please make sure you view everything on this page. The choices you make today will shape your academic life next year, as well as contribute to your career plan. CHOOSE CAREFULLY!!!! It may not be possible to change your options later!!!

Please follow these steps to fill out your option sheet:

1. Go to Courses offered at David & Mary Thomson C.I. for 2010-2011.  Using this menu, go down the list to find the subject area you are interested in. Course descriptions for every course can be found using the course code and/or course title.

2. Before you choose a course, make sure you have the necessary prerequisite using you credit counselling summary.  For example, the prerequisite for ENG3U is ENG2D.  You must have the necessary prerequisite in order to take a course.  If you do not, this course will be removed from your timetable and you will have to select something else.

3. Once you have read the course descriptions and made your selections, you must check off these choices on your course selection sheet.  On this sheet, you must also write you name student number and current semester 2 homeform.

4. Once you have completed your form and your parent or guardian has signed it, hand it in to your homeform teacher.  This form will be required for the "bubble day" on February 18th.

5. If you have any questions about courses, please see your Guidance Counsellor or a teacher in that subject area.

Required Courses

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12






Civics and Careers








Physical Education


ESL Sensitive Courses

ADA2O8 - Drama
AVI2O8 - Visual Arts
CGC1D8 - Geography
CHC2D8 - Canadian History
CIV ESL - Civics and Careers
ELS2O8 - Literacy Skills
GLS1O8 - Learning Strategies
HIF1O8 - Family Studies
HFN2O8 - Food and Nutrition
MFM1P8 - Foundations of Math
SNC1P8 - Science

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